When two parties have a court ordered arrangement for a matter that they are both impacted by, it is expected that everyone abides by their obligations. Unfortunately, there may be some situations in which the obligated party fails to meet their requirements and needs to be held responsible. The solution that people have used to handle these matters is through enforcement orders. This is when the court uses alternative means in order to force someone into fulfilling their obligations.

One of the most common situations where an enforcement order becomes necessary is when a noncustodial parent isn’t paying their child support. In this situation, the custodial parent can file a violation petition or an enforcement order that brings the negligence of the other parent to the court’s attention. New York has a Support Collection Unit that can do things such as garnish wages, prevent a passport from being issued, and even issue a warrant for that parent’s arrest. An enforcement order can be used for violations of child support, spousal maintenance, child visitation, and child custody.

If you have a court order that is not being followed by the other party, it is important to contact an experienced divorce and family law attorney who can help you find justice when you need it most.

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