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Divorce can be a trying time in one’s life. When issues are unresolved and emotions run high, a divorcing couple can easily find themselves in court. When a couple can agree on matrimonial matters, they may be able to complete the divorce and move on rather quickly through alternative dispute resolution. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Topics like child custody, child support, alimony, and property distribution can lead a divorcing couple to the courtroom. Even if they agree to all but one issue, they can find themselves in a court battle. Sometimes, if the plaintiff sites fault grounds, the divorce can be contested before even getting to the crux of the matter. If you need quality legal support from an effective law firm, contact The Law Offices of Mark S. Paige, P.C. for a consultation.

Contested divorce over spousal maintenance

Getting a divorce can be a tumultuous event. Spousal maintenance is one of the most contested issues seen in family law. The parties involved often disagree to what the other deserves. While one party may believe that they worked harder for the financial success of the family, the other may believe that they worked harder in the home, deferred goals in favor of the other’s success, and other reasons that entitle them to a certain amount of alimony. When couples can’t agree, they may face a contested divorce based on spousal maintenance.

Contested divorce over property distribution

The division of assets is a hotly contested matter in many divorces. Both parties have worked hard to establish the life they live and the idea that they would have to split possessions can be overwhelming. Whether someone’s possessions were brought into the marriage as marital property or bought during the relationship, people develop emotional ties to their possessions over the years. When possessions must be split, parties may be affected by the process, leading to a contested divorce.

Contested divorce over child custody

Though some people can set aside their differences for the betterment of their children, the topic of child custody can be emotionally trying for everyone involved. This can be one of the most contested issues in a divorce. Splitting a child’s time after years of constant parenting can be devastating. When emotions run high, a contested divorce can be in a couple’s future.

Contested divorce over child support

Child support is yet another hotly contested issue that couples can face when divorcing. Child custody cases can be trying on the family. When a spouse loses physical custody or the other is granted sole custody, the noncustodial parent may believe that since they see the child less, they shouldn’t have to support the child. New York State disagrees and this issue may have to be heard in court.

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The Law Offices of Mark S. Paige, P.C. understands that divorce can devastate a family and lead to an emotionally driven court battle. When parties are at odds over issues, it is important to have an attorney that has the family’s best interests in mind. It is important for parties to consider the alternatives to court. If you are facing a contested divorce, our firm will fight for your future. For knowledgeable legal advice and guidance through tough times, contact The Law Offices of Mark S. Paige, P.C. for a consultation.