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When a marriage is over, a couple may want to end the relationship as quickly and painlessly as possible. When an amicable conclusion is the goal, mediation may be the right choice. If a couple can come together and set aside their emotions to address contested marital issues, they may be able to avoid the cost and impact of a court battle. Mediation can address a variety of legal matters related to the marriage and the family. A couple can work through a fair agreement on spousal maintenance, property distribution, child support, child custody, relocation, and more. Mediation is quickly becoming the most utilized method of separation and divorce because of the time and money saved by avoiding a judge. If you need legal advice from a knowledgeable attorney or an experienced and effective mediator, contact The Law Offices of Mark S. Paige, P.C. for a consultation to discuss your options.

How does mediation work?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method in which a couple comes together to discuss unresolved issues. The mission is constructive negotiations focused on mutual respect. A mediator is hired to guide the couple through the process. The mediator cannot act as legal representation for either side. He or she is a neutral third party with the goal of ending the matter in a fair and just way for both parties. The negotiation process will only focus on what is unresolved. If a couple already agrees to some issues, the process will take less time. Mediation has no time limit or court-imposed deadlines. The couple is in control and the process can take as long as needed to complete. Once the couple is satisfied, the mediator will draft a separation agreement. The parties are welcome to review the agreement and even discuss the matter with outside counsel before filing it with the court. Once the proper paperwork is filed, the judge will examine the agreement and pass down a Final Judgment of Divorce, ending the marriage.

The benefits of mediation

There is quite a long list of benefits to mediation over a court case. The benefits are so motivating that, in most states, courts will implore a couple to consider the alternatives because the court also saves money and time not hearing divorce cases.

Control: Through the process of mediation, a couple has control over their future. In court battles, a judge will decide on matters in a fair and just way, per state guidelines. This does not take into consideration the many factors of a relationship. When couples engage in mediation, they can work out the important details without the arbitrary decision from a judge.

Confidentiality: Through mediation, a couple can privately address outstanding issues. No communication can be used outside of the mediation process. This allows for a couple to come to a fair agreement through open and honest discussions.

Time saved: One of the most motivating benefits of mediation is the time saved by the process. A contested divorce case can drag on for months and even over a year. Mediation often resolves issues within a few sessions with the longest wait period being the wait for the Final Judgement of Divorce.

Cost effective: Mediation is a much cheaper alternative to other methods of divorce. As court cases proceed, attorney and court fees pile up. If you can work through your issues outside of court, you could save a substantial amount of money.

A voluntary process: When a couple chooses mediation, they are already one step closer to an amicable conclusion. Avoiding a drawn-out court battle and the emotional impact of a divorce only strengthens the resolve to handle contested issues in private and thorough a constructive manner.

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