What rights do I have with legal custody?

Parents can be granted physical or legal custody when child custody arrangements are being determined. These arrangements can give them different rights depending on each aspect. Legal custody gives a parent the ability to make legal decisions for their child. These decisions can regard the child’s education, medical decisions, their practiced religion and much more.Read More

How are post-judgment modifications made?

Post judgment modifications are able to made after the divorce process is already completed. Later on in the future, each spouse may face changing circumstances to their lives. This may warrant a change to a marital issues. By losing their job, they may be unable to pay the same amount of child or spousal support.Read More

What is a collaborative divorce?

Upon deciding to get a divorce, you should consider multiple options that are open to you. Each process can have benefits to it. By going through these processes, it can help to decide on issues between you and your spouse. Collaborative divorce can be a good choice for you. This option can encourage spouses toRead More