Rockland County Family Court

The family court system in New York State exists to resolve matters for parents, children, and entire families across the state. Family Court is part of the Unified Court System of New York State, just as municipal court and criminal court are. That being said, Family Court is a little different than these other typesRead More

Modifying a Rockland County Court Order

When an individual goes to family court in Rockland County, the judge will often issue a legally binding order once a decision is made regarding the matter at hand. All parties involved are legally obligated to follow this order as the court intended them to. Of course, when the court makes a decision on theRead More

Rockland County Grounds for Divorce

Though many people never think their marriage will end in divorce, sometimes the differences become too much to bear and the entire family is better off if the spouses go their separate ways. When a couple wants to begin the divorce process, the spouse that is filing will have to fulfill residency requirements and stateRead More

Dividing Property in Rockland County

When a couple in Rockland County, New York makes the decision that they may be better off divorced, they will have to address a number of factors before the divorce can be finalized. One such matter that needs to be resolved before the couple can officially go their separate ways is the division of assetsRead More