Post judgment modifications are able to made after the divorce process is already completed. Later on in the future, each spouse may face changing circumstances to their lives. This may warrant a change to a marital issues. By losing their job, they may be unable to pay the same amount of child or spousal support. This can cause them to file a motion with the court and bring the case to the attention of a judge. A judge can hear the aspects of the case and decide if a modification to made to the original agreement set for that marital issue. Cases may need to be revisited due to a variety of changes in a person’s life. When a change occurs in a spouse’s life, it may affect a marital issue that has a planned agreement in place. This can cause a spouse to bring the case to court again. This means that the terms of your divorce can change. These terms include the marital issues that were decided on, such as child custody arrangements, child support and alimony. With these marital issues, there should be room for changes since circumstances can arise in the future that warrant a need for one. If spouses see the need for a change to their original agreement, they can file a motion with the court to allow the case to enter into litigation.

Can my spouse be penalized for not following orders?

If a current situation needs a change, a spouse should do something to make a change. They cannot simply ignore the agreement that is in place for that marital issue already. If they are not following through with a current marital issue, they may face penalties or this can be recognized by the court. This may hurt them in the future if they try to have a modification made. When a spouse does not cooperate with an agreed upon custody arrangement, they can be held accountable. When a case is brought to court, a judge can listen to your case and provide an outcome on the matter that may include a modification. Your spouse may be found in contempt of court for failing to follow a court-mandated agreement. By failing to follow a court-mandated agreement that is legally binding for them, they may be penalized. This can jeopardize their custody of the children. For these cases, a child’s best interests should be the first thing in mind. When bringing these cases to court, it is best to consider how this can affect the child. The custody arrangement should reflect what is best for the child.

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