Divorces sometimes have to enter into litigation. If the divorce is contested, couples may not be able to enter into mediation to solve their issues. Court sessions may be a more useful way to solve their issues. During court, judges will make the final decisions for a couple’s marital issues. This can be beneficial for the couple since they will not have to fight in mediation over their marital issues. Instead, a judge can consider all the possible factors that relate to the decision. Then the judge can make a decision that proves to be the best.

Why can spouses end mediation?

Since mediation requires the cooperation of both spouses, it may not be for everyone. It can be hard for spouses to cooperate with one another during this divorce process. The process may prove to be too emotionally demanding for a spouse and they may just enter into arguments with one another that can cause more turmoil. The spouses may not be able to cooperate with one another. If spouses are unable to reach compromises, it can leave them feeling unsatisfied with the results decided on for marital issues. In these situations, the option to end mediation is available. Mediation can be ended at any time during the process. This gives spouses the opportunity to try divorce mediation, but end it if they believe it is too hard to finish.

Can modifications be made to marital issues?

Marital issues are decided on during the divorce process. Since situations can change as the years go by, they are able to be modified in the future to help ease the situation and accommodate changes. When these decisions are originally made, the circumstances can be quite different than they are a few years later. With this in mind, the courts allow the opportunity to make changes to marital issues due to changing circumstances, which can prove to be beneficial in the future. Spouses can file a motion with the court to have the situation revisited and to have an updated decision made for their case. This can provide new arrangements for child custody matters, child support and much more.

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