When couples are considering divorce but are unsure of which method of divorce may be best for them, it is important that they assess all options. One option that many couples choose is collaborative divorce. This process is much different than a litigated divorce because it allows couples to work with a team of experts that can help them make decisions on their own. The option of a collaborative divorce allows a couple to stay out of the courtroom, which is one of the major reasons why so many people choose methods of alternative dispute resolution for divorce.

One of the other benefits of a collaborative divorce is that the parties involved typically come away with a greater respect for one another as well as the ability to co-exist amicably after the divorce. A collaborative divorce allows each party the chance to voice any concerns or opinions that they may have regarding the various matters addressed in divorce. If the couple has children, they will be able to see that their parents are able to work together, which can help ease some of their emotional stress during the divorce. Additionally, the parents may be able to co-parent together long after the divorce in a much more peaceful manner.

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