With the holiday season quickly approaching, many families are given a sense of hope and optimism. This often results in many couples who were once struggling and headed towards divorce to put off the divorce for a few months. Some of the reasons that they may decide to do so are that the holiday season brought them closer together which resulted in a sense of reconnection and that if the couple has children together, they may want to allow them to have one last happy family holiday that is untainted by divorce. Of course, there may also be a number of situations where the holidays expose how truly broken the marriage truly is and want to file for divorce immediately afterward they are over. In fact, one researcher determined that the number of search engine searches for “divorce” increases within the 10 days after Christmas.

Though divorce rates tend to fall around this time of year, there are other times of year where the same thing happens. Research shows that the months with the highest increases in divorce filings occur in March and August. This may be because these months are towards the end of spring break and summer vacation.

Of course, these statistics don’t apply to everyone. They may be very different for couples who don’t have children together. If you are considering divorce and have questions, contact our firm today.

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