Courts make decisions related to matters of divorce and family law with the facts that they are given. A judge does not have the power to predict the future and will not be able to account for unforeseen changes that may happen years down the road when they are making their decision regarding contested family law issues. When a judge rules on a contested matter, the parties involved are legally obligated to follow the provisions of the ruling. However, if and when circumstances do change at some point down the road, individuals are permitted to submit requests for modification to the original order.

In order for an individual to make such a request, they will have to prove that the change in circumstances is unexpected, substantial, and permanent. Some of the legal issues that may require modifications include child support, child custody, spousal maintenance, among others. As previously mentioned, individuals have to prove that there is a legitimate reason for the modification request. Some legitimate reasons that the court may consider can include an increase or a decrease in one’s income, significant health issues, the unexpected loss of employment, relocation of a child, change in one’s work schedule, among others.

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