Our firm understands how difficult a family matter can be, especially when you have to go to court over it. All family law matters in New York State are held in the Supreme Court’s Family Court division.

Some of the matters that are handled in family court in the state of New York include:

  • Those that involve the children, such as child support, child custody, parenting and visitation schedules, protection for abused or neglected children, and disputes over paternity
  • Those that don’t always involve children, such as divorce, domestic violence, spousal maintenance
  • When a minor child under the age of 18 commits a crime, it will be handled in Family Court instead of criminal court. However, some juvenile crimes are upgraded to adult crimes. If this happens, the case will not be handled in Family Court and will be moved to a criminal court in the Unified Court System of New York

It is important to note that not all matters that are handled in family court are negative. In fact, some of the happiest days of a person’s life can take place in family court, such as the adoption of a child, approval for foster care, and the feeling of safety that comes with having a protective restraining order granted.

If you have questions about what should be handled in family court or what you can expect when you go to family court, contact our firm today and we will provide you with assistance.

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