One of the questions that people often ask at the very beginning of the divorce process in New York is how long will it take for their divorce to be finalized? Well, every marriage is different and therefore, every divorce is different. Some people have a totally uncontested divorce and can finish it up pretty quickly. Others, however, can have it drag out for years.

The first issue that can be assessed to determine how long a divorce will take is to look at whether the divorce is contested or uncontested. Uncontested divorces are always quicker than those that are contested because it avoids the back and forth that the couple will have to go through just to get the process started. Keep in mind, it is always easiest to file “no-fault,” even if your spouse was at fault in causing the divorce.

Another factor that can be assessed in determining how long a divorce will take is whether it is a litigated divorce or if the process is completed using alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation. Mediated divorces are often much quicker because the couple can make appointments on their own time, instead of having to wait around for multiple court dates.

Another factor that often adds time in the divorce is if the couple has children together and needs to battle it out over child custody and visitation. This is often one of the most time consuming and emotional matters in any divorce.

So, the bottom line is this: the quickest way to get divorced is an uncontested, mediated divorce where the couple quickly agrees on everything. However, this is obviously much easier said than done. Some divorces can be finalized within just a few months, while others can take years. It is best to speak with an experienced divorce attorney who can assess your case and guide you accordingly. Contact our firm today.

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