A lot of families in New York find themselves in family court to address a matter that is contested amongst two or more parties. The court will have to make a decision on the matter and will issue an order to make the decision legally binding. All parties involved are legally responsible for following the decision that the court made in the order. If one or more parties fails to abide by the order, they can find themselves in serious trouble.

What matters does the court issue orders for?

The court has to address a wide variety of issues that families are facing. Some of the reasons that courts have to issue enforcement orders can include child custody, visitation arrangements, child support orders, spousal maintenance, and more.

What is a violation petition?

If an individual violates the court order, the victim is permitted to file a violation petition. This is also sometimes referred to as an enforcement order.

Child custody violation petitions: Some of the penalties of violating a child custody order include a change of the custody arrangement or in serious cases, arrest.

Child support violation petitions: If a child support order is violated, the individual who failed to pay may face garnished wages or lump sum payment.

Spousal maintenance violation petitions: If a spousal maintenance order is violated, the Support Collection Unit may take action such as garnishing wages and requiring a lump sum.

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