One term that is commonly thrown around when discussing legal matters pertaining to children in New York State is “emancipation.” When parents are expected to pay child support in New York, they are required to do so until at least the child’s 21st birthday (sometimes longer), or until the child has been declared emancipated in the eyes of the state. Emancipation means that the child is no longer financially dependent on his or her parents and therefore, should no longer receive child support. It is also important to note that typically, an emancipated child no longer lives with their parents.

Though the age of emancipation in New York State is usually 21, there are times in which a child can be considered emancipated before they reach this age. This may occur if the child meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The child is married.
  • The child joins the military.
  • The child has already finished 4 years of college.
  • The child is 18 years of age and is working a full-time job. This excludes summer or vacation-time jobs.
  • The child has ended the relationship with their parents without good reason and leaves home permanently
  • The child has ended the relationship with their parents with good reason, such as abuse, and permanently leaves home

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