When a person is ordered by the court to abide by a certain ruling, it is essential that they do not violate the court order. If you believe someone you have a court order agreement with, whether it be for child custody, visitation, child support or spousal support, is violating the order, you have options. It is important that if you believe your former spouse or the noncustodial parent of your child is not abiding by a court order, you should file a violation petition.

Violation petitions are also known as enforcement petitions because they serve to enforce a court order when someone is ignoring it. If someone is purposefully violating an order, they will find themselves in legal trouble.

For example, if a noncustodial parent who has a child support obligation fails to make their child support payments, they will be facing some trouble. The court will utilize the Support Collection Unit to collect these payments after you file a violation petition. If you fail to make the payments when asked, the Support Collection Unit may garnish your wages, be required to pay a lump sum, not be able to obtain a passport or even be held in contempt of court. They will also be required to pay back pay for anything they have missed. This may also apply to situations in which a former spouse has failed to pay spousal maintenance payments.

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