Couples who realize that their marriage is on the rocks may start to think about getting a divorce. Divorces are emotional and complex for the entire family. It is completely understandable that when a couple decides to end their marriage, they want to finish the divorce as soon as possible so they can start the next chapter of their individual lives. Though there are many options for divorce available to New Yorkers, one of the options that is gaining popularity is divorce through mediation. Mediated divorces allow the couple to benefit from a number of factors that other divorces do not provide.

Some of the aspects of a mediated divorce that couples can appreciate include the following:

  • Mediated divorces can be complete in just a few sessions. These divorces work around the couple’s schedule, not the courts. That being said, the couple can take as much time as they need to complete the process.
  • Due to the fact that these divorces usually take less time than other methods, they are also often significantly less expensive.
  • Mediation allows the couple to stay out of the courtroom and take control over their divorce. A judge does not make decisions for couples going through mediation, they get to make decisions for themselves.

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