When two parties have to go to family court because they need help resolving a legal matter, the court will generally issue a final decision in the form of a court order. The individuals who are involved in the order are legally obligated to follow it and if they fail to do so, they can face serious penalties. Often, one of the parties is negatively impacted if the other fails to follow a court order. In situations where one party neglects to abide by a court order, the party that has been victimized may want the court’s help enforcing the order. The court takes violations very seriously and has implemented a system to help individuals who have been victimized by another person’s neglectful behavior.

In New York State, an individual who needs the court’s assistance to hold someone accountable for violating a court order can file an enforcement petition. Once an enforcement petition is filed, the court will investigate the situation to determine whether the individual in question has willfully violated the court order. If the court believes that the reason they violated an order is unacceptable, the individual may suffer serious consequences such as:

  • Wage garnishing
  • Passport denial
  • Ordering a lump sum of back pay
  • Being held in contempt of court

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