If you were served with a summons for divorce, your first and immediate step should be to have a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney. It is important for you to be aware that you shouldn’t go to a lawyer who does not have experience with divorce law because they will not know how to accurately represent you and obtain a favorable outcome.

The reason I say that is because number one, you have to understand what your rights are, what you can expect. Secondly and just as important is if you’re served with a summons or a summons with what we call a complaint, that document has given the court jurisdiction over you. Now you are put on a certain timeframe in which to interpose a legal answer. A legal answer is not a phone call or a letter to your spouse’s attorney or to the court. It’s an actual pleading that must be prepared and served properly so you’re not in any default of the time limits that the summons sets forth upon you. Only after this takes place can you proceed with the rest of the divorce to ensure that you have a successful divorce.

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