Making this decision to expand your family through adoption is a truly wonderful thing. Providing a home and a family to a child in need can be a very rewarding experience. There are many different types of adoptions that a family thinking about this endeavor may want to take into consideration. Some of the different forms of adoptions include:

  • Domestic adoption within the United States that uses the help of an adoption agency to pair a child with adoptive parents
  • International adoption, which requires a lot of assistance from members of both countries. There are many different laws and immigration factors that must be taken into consideration in an international adoption
  • Private adoptions, which take place when the birth parent and the adoptive parents arrange the adoption amongst themselves without the help of an adoption agency
  • Open adoptions, which allow the biological family to maintain a relationship with the child
  • Closed adoptions do not allow the biological family to keep in touch with the child once the adoption takes place

There are a number of different legal matters that can arise in any adoption. Therefore, it is important that adoptive parents retain the services of an experienced adoption attorney who can guide them through the legalities of an adoption. If you are considering adoption, contact our firm today and we would be happy to assist you during this exciting time.

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