There are certain situations in which a child may ask whether they get to input their opinion on which parent they will live with after a divorce. Of course, it varies on a case by case basis. There are a number of factors that do come into play when the child wants to have a say in which parent has more custody than the other parent.

For example, a child that is 17 years old will be able to make an informed decision on this matter. They are old enough to know which parent has their best interests at heart and which parent they would rather live with because they will be spending more time with them. However, if the child is much younger or they have special needs, they may not be able to make the decision quite as well. The court is always going to determine custody based on what is in the best interest of the child.

If the child is 8 years old, for example, and they want to live with dad because dad doesn’t make them go to school or have a bedtime, the court may take this information and rule in favor of the other parent. It is always going to come down to what the court believes is best for the child. They may take what the child says into consideration and if they are old enough to make informed decisions on their own, they may have an impact. However, like anything else, it varies on your situation.

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