Collaborative Divorce in New York

Divorce processes are not one-size-fits-all.  Every divorcing couple decides how to proceed with their divorce.  Depending on the circumstances and on what terms the spouses are ending their marriage, they may seek an alternative method to traditional divorce proceedings.  These alternative processes help to minimize the time, costs, energy, hostility, and pain/emotions that are involved in divorces.  Collaborative divorce is a popular alternative process to traditional divorce, as it seeks to help those couples seeking a different way to end their marriage.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a dispute resolution process in which both parties and their attorneys attempt to resolve the divorce amicably, fairly, and equitable without the hostility of litigated divorce.  This process is helpful for not only the parties, but also their families, who can unfortunately often get stuck in the middle.  A divorce that is resolved with little pain and hostility can help the couple remain amicable and co-parent any children born of the marriage.  Spouses who want to engage in collaborative divorce should agree to remove litigation as an option to resolve the divorce.

How Do I Choose a Collaborative Divorce Attorney?

Just like choosing an attorney for any other legal matter, you will want to make sure that the attorney is the right fit for you.  Some items you may look for when choosing a collaborative divorce attorney could include:

  • How long have they been involved in collaborative divorces;
  • How can they help make the collaborative divorce go smoothly;
  • What you can expect from the collaborative divorce process;
  • If they are members of any collaborative law associations; and/or
  • Any other accolades that can speak to their experience in the field.

If you are considering a collaborative divorce, or would like more information on collaborative divorce you should consult with an experienced collaborative divorce attorney.

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